Schure Media Introduces New Artist, REXY

In September 2019, Hurricane Dorian tore through The Bahamas devastating the islands. Like most Bahamians,singer/songwriter, REXY,* was faced with the reality that life can change instantly. Determined to make every second of life impactful, she committed to making her childhood dream a reality.
Her journey towards that dream is not the typical one for a pop starlet! A millennial savvy businesswoman, Rexy currently serves as Vice President of Operations and General Counsel at Western Air, the largest privately-owned airline in The Bahamas. “I have a picture of myself on dress-up day and even when I was young, I was determined to become a successful lawyer and a pop artist,” shares Rexy.
After growing up in the aviation industry with her parents and building a successful career of her own with cover stories and features in EssenceBET.comXONecoleConde Nast TravelerTVOneBauce Magazine and more, Rexy* is kicking off 2020 releasing “All Our Lives,” a song she says is about “embracing the love and life you’ve always wanted! I’m finally living the dreams of that little girl holding a hairbrush singing & dancing in the mirror,” shares Rexy.
Whether in the boardroom or putting the final touches on her debut album, Rexy* is an ambitious and talented woman who is reaching new heights. “I believe in breaking the mold. We owe it to ourselves to be authentic and bold enough to strut into our callings. I’ve been waiting all my life to experience this moment in music. I’m a Gyal On A Mission!”
Releases everywhere January 31, 2020!