PRAISE BOSS WOMEN – CEO Fields celebrates women in his new music video “Yours”

(New York, NY) October 4th, 2019 – LA-based Rapper CEO Fields officially drops the music video for his latest single “Yours”. In this new story-driven video, Fields continues to emphasize his message of self-ownership to the highest degree. The single transitions Fields journey to success to the celebration of strong ambitious women. “Yours” is both fun, empowering and exciting. The music video premiered exclusively by The Hype Magazine, on October 3rd.

Reflecting on the creation of the song, CEO Fields told ThisIsTheLatest“‘Yours’ is my version of a love song for the Boss Woman out there that has my heart and all of my attention. After ’25/8′ I wanted to speak to the women so that they know I have something for them too.”

Born and raised in Detroit, Fields moved to Los Angeles after dropping out of college following his sophomore year. He had about $5000 to his name and spent $2100 to purchase a used car from Craigslist. It would turn out to be a great investment as he’d live out of his car for a few months as he struggled to get on his feet. After managing one of LA’s biggest pet boutiques, he branched out to start his own fitness company for dogs. As his business began to grow tremendously, he started investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies. In just two years, Fields made his first million dollars.

Today, Fields combines his passion for music with his financial knowledge to create a sub-genre called Finance Rap. Through his music, Fields strives to entertain and educate listeners about the power of financial literacy and investing, especially with young people in underprivileged areas.

With his new single “Yours”, CEO Fields hopes to reach the Boss Women in the world – letting them know they are admired and appreciated. Be sure to check out the latest music video for the track and follow CEO Fields social media for more exclusives.