THROW IT by SCOOB DA DAWG Featuring B.o.B. & Bando Jonez

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Listen, Rate and Download “THROW IT (Remix)” by Scoob Da Dawg Ft. B.o.B and Bando Jonez


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Hailing from Columbus, Ohio is Tyreece Henley a Hip Hop, Rap and R&B artist known by his stage name Scoob da Dawg. His immense passion and diversity allows him to experiment with various genres, while sticking to his roots and authenticity. With the flair and finesse of a true entertainer, Scoob delivers a dynamic punch in the spotlight and in the studio.Vibrating throughout several cities and states, his definitive music ignited a following of fans from California, Miami, Tampa and Atlanta.
Entering into music at an early age, Tyreece began to write and experiment with various lyrical elements, gradually incorporating sounds and beats for the finishing touch. Refining his skills and technical abilities over the years, through performance and practice, Scoob has expanded his repertoire as a music artist to professional songwriter, music producer and video editor.

Scoob-Da-Dawg-Red-JerseyInfluenced by artists like Tupac, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Sade Biggie and Drake amongst others, he crafted his unique style. Putting in the work to create sustainable and high quality music, Scoob released two singles in 2017 titled ‘Blue Money’ and ‘Ring Bells’. This established him as the only artist in Columbus to have two singles in rotation on XM and FM radio. Inspired by his travels, and personal experiences, from the ones that have passed to the ones living in the moment and still progressing; fuels his artistic drive.
Determined to attain success, Scoob da Dawg expresses himself in his music and shares a part of himself and life with every listener. Grounded, outgoing and pleasurable, Scoob appeals to audiences far and wide, in the club ‘Blue Money’ gets your feet moving and grooving, dispersing a feel good vibes.

Tracks like ‘Ring Bells’ are bold, powerful and stamps the announcement that “Scoob is here; ready to make his mark in the game to the city and music industry”. Despite never studying at college, Scoob da Dawg gained tremendous experience performing on campus for one year in Tampa, Florida.
Set for the future is a worldwide tour and the release of his new single ‘Throw it’ featuring B.o.B and Bando Jonez. Scoob da Dawg’s love for music, passionate attitude and exuberance, solidifies his artistic sense and puts forth an electric connection with his audience.



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Watch, Rate and Comment on the Official Video “Throw It” by Scoob Da Dawg Ft. B.o.B

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Watch, Rate and Comment on the Official Video “Throw It” by Scoob Da Dawg Ft. B.o.B

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Listen, Rate and Download “THROW IT (Remix) [HOUSE]” by Scoob Da Dawg Ft. B.o.B and Bando Jonez


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