Big ZO Drops Epic 10-minute Music Video – ‘Let This Go’

Kentucky Hip-Hop Pioneer

Big ZO

Drops Epic 10-minute Music Video – ‘Let This Go’


“Let This Go”


Kentucky hip-hop pioneer, Big ZO,
has dropped the latest installment in his ambitious ‘My Life Is A Movie’ project. ‘Let This Go’ is the second part in this 8-part visual album series that explores narratives episodes from Zo’s life interspersed with tracks showcasing Big Zo’s relaxed flow,
authenticity, and high-end production chops. The video itself offers a gut-punching insight into a time when Zo is trying to make things happen for himself but one problem keeps leading into the next and he finds the holes he has dug getting deeper and deeper…

‘Let This Go’ premiered on Thursday 7th June via
Hype Magazine
, with a Hype rating of 5/5 “For storytelling, production quality and reality!”.

Big ZO on “Let This Go”:

“There’s that one day out of the year when every person will reach their breaking point. Anyone can get it on that day and it’s best for people
to leave me alone ‘cause I might end up on an episode of Snapped”, Zo laughs, “I’m human and I get upset like anyone else”.

+ Fans of this video should also check out part one in the series, ‘Simple

Stay tuned for the audio release of ‘Let This Go’, later this month!

 About Big ZO

Big ZO enters the music scene at very unique time in his life. Recently being involved in
a high profile discrimination case in Lexington, KY Big ZO was left on the outside of loop of the management ranks at his former job. Being the owner of Fyre Entertainment LLC, Big ZO decided he would take his frustrations and pain out on his microphone. You
will easily tell that this artist is not a local artist. His sound is far from underground. Releasing his first video and single on iTunes on his 36th birthday you can see the proof that he was the University of Louisville’s first minority graduate of their
Music Industry program. Years being behind the scenes has lead this artist into having a unique perspective on the way he approaches music.

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